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Tree on Home - Prosperity, SC

The State Park Service reached out to us when a recent tornado came through our area. High winds caused this tree to fall upon this Prosperity, SC home - splitting it in half. After the tree was removed we began to mitigate the water damage that occurred as a result of heavy rains entering the home.

Mold Removal Setup

During mold removal, we set up an area of containment to prevent any unwanted materials or substances from entering other areas. By using thick plastic sheeting, we're able to seal off the area, creating a secure barrier. Once the contained area has been established we set up a negative air machine, using HEPA filtration to ensure spore-contaminated air does not escape the containment.

Fire Extinguisher Leaves A Mess

A homeowner woke up to the smell of smoke, acting quickly they began to feel the walls and noticed the wall shared with an outdoor fireplace was incredibly hot. The Fire Department was called and first responders were able to open the wall and use an extinguisher to kill the flames.

When water is used within a home to extinguish fire, water damage is created on top of the fire and smoke damage. The use of an extinguisher proved beneficial in that aspect, but the homeowner is then left with an abundance of powdery residue.

Our technicians were able to remove the extinguisher material and clean this home to it's original condition.

SERVPRO and USC Football

Our crews are proud to support our Gamecocks by sanitizing and disinfecting all commonly touched surfaces behind the scenes at Williams-Brice Stadium. We're working hard on game days to keep broadcasting staff, coaches and players safe!

Vehicle Mold & Odor Removal

SERVPRO of the Dutch Fork can easily remove mold and lingering odors from vehicles! A thorough process in which we remove affected material, clean and sanitize the interior of the vehicle and then place odor neutralizing equipment inside.

SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork Sanitizing Station

We were contacted by a local HOA to set up sanitizing stations and disinfect their pool chairs, tables and commonly touched surfaces as their pool opens up. Keeping swimmers safe and providing neighbors peace of mind as they enjoy some sunshine!

This Williamston, SC homeowner made the right call during a weekend storm.

Heavy winds and rainfall brought down a tree in Williamston, SC. Unfortunately it landed on the roof of this home. Luckily no occupants were injured and they acted fast! They called our office right away and we had crews working to remove the tree, and cover the roof to prevent any further damage to the home as rain continues to fall. We're ready to help 24/7 anywhere you need us!

Not A New Bathroom Trend

There are many new trends and renovation projects in bathrooms. This is not one you'll see on HGTV.... After an attic water heater leaked through the ceiling you can see in this photo where water got in the drywall and caused a rippling effect on the paint. Unfortunately all affected drywall had to be torn out and the homeowner began looking for actual renovation projects to update their bathroom.

Dirty Ducts

Air ducts are typically not on your list of tasks when it comes to cleaning. You can't see them and likely can't reach them! What is lurking in the air supply of your home might make you change your mind. Air ducts collect dust, pollen, bacteria and other various types of debris. All of these pollutants are then blown into your home through your air returns.

A high priced air filter certainly helps in improving the quality of the air you breathe but it is not fool proof. By cleaning air ducts we improve the quality of air and reduce the amount of energy being used by your HVAC system to control the climate in your home. Restricted airflow causes the HVAC system to work harder, putting strain on the system and your wallet! Call SERVPRO Dutch Fork for a quote on the cleaning of your air ducts today!

Non-Invasive Floor Drying

We've come a long way since the first instances of water damage mitigation. Thanks to the hard working men and women that continually improve our techniques and products, we're able to dry this customers hard-wood flooring without removing a single board! Using plastic sheeting to build a containment "tent" we're able to funnel dry air over the affected area and decrease the moisture level back to it's normal state. 

Renovation Disaster in Chapin, SC

With most DIY renovation projects their comes a time when you ask yourself why you began in the first place. Something goes wrong, you become frustrated and want to quit but with holes in the wall or flooring removed there is no turning back! This homeowner was knee deep in a bathroom remodel when he found himself ankle deep in water... a water supply line to the toilet came loose and water flooded the bathroom. He called SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork and we were able to step in, get the flooring dry and allow him to continue his project. 

Whenever you're remodeling or working around areas involving plumbing, it's best to do some research and understand where water comes from, where it drains and how to shut it off. 

Giant Tree = Huge Restoration Project

In Columbia, SC a recent storm brought down many trees. A home built over 50 years ago fell victim to a large pine that had been growing just feet from the back porch. Heavy winds and saturated earth are the perfect combination for a fallen tree. Have a certified tree specialist check your yard yearly for any dead or dangerously positioned trees. If your home experiences storm damage call SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork! As a full service restoration company we're able to place tarps over damaged areas to prevent further damage from rain, mitigate any damage inside your home or office and then reconstruct the affected areas to make it "Like it never even happened."

Tree Crushes Home in Columbia, SC

After a large storm in our area we received a call from a homeowner who stated a tree had fallen on her home. After inspecting the home we began to piece the story together. The homeowner was looking out her window when the tree fell on an in-law addition separate from her home. The addition shares just one wall with the primary residence. The fallen tree removed the power service wires, not allowing the power company to restore her service. It also collapsed a portion of the roof and several supporting beams. A major reconstruction process will be necessary for this job and we plan to document all stages. 

Warehouse Fire in Chapin, SC

During the weekend hours we received a call about an ice maker that caught fire in a warehouse in a nearby business. The fire caused minimal structural damage but left behind a significant amount of soot and smoke residue. Quite often warehouses are used to store a large number of items, this was certainly the case in this Chapin, SC business. Our talented crews worked tirelessly cleaning the various items free of soot and smoke residue. With the help of SERVPRO brand products we were able to complete this job with minimal interruption to business operations. 

100,000 sq ft? No Problem!

A commercial office building in Chapin, SC was in need of a deep clean. In total the building is 100,000 sq ft of space that hadn't been thoroughly cleaned in quite some time. We were able to come up with a 4 phase plan that allowed us to tackle all aspects of the work space in smaller sections. Our crews worked a flexible schedule in order to avoid interruption in their workflow. 

Fire Damage Packout, Columbia SC

Following a home fire one of the last things our customers want to do is move their belongings. The risks of leaving contents in the home to absorb smoke and soot odors far outweighs the frustration of moving. With that in mind, SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork offers pack-out services to help alleviate some of the stress on homeowners. In this home we removed three loads of contents to be brought to our warehouse and decontaminated. Our line of SERVPRO Products allow us to restore most anything that the flames and smoke have affected. 

Apartment Fire in Columbia, SC

A second story Columbia apartment caught fire and spread to damage other units. No residents were harmed but the building was left in vulnerable condition. Structure fires like these are tricky to restore but SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork has the man-power and knowledge to make this building "Like it never even happened." Fire damage often takes a lot longer than tenants would like when it comes to repairs, but, we work as quickly as possible to reduce the time residents are displaced. If you live in a multi-unit building always be sure that your smoke alarms are active and functioning. If you think you might be in danger, get out!

Tree Falls on Irmo Home

A summer storm created a major problem for this Irmo, SC home. Heavy rain and strong wind gusts loosened the ground and allowed this tree to fall directly on the home. Thankfully, nobody in the home was injured during the process! After the tree punctured the home rain water began to collect in the second level, leaving the homeowners no choice but to vacate until the storm passed. Our SERVPRO Technicians removed the tree and placed a tarp on the roof to prevent further water damage, we then began the drying process. Because SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork also has a reconstruction division, we were also able to rebuild the damaged portion of the home. 

South Carolina Owners Meeting 2019

We had the pleasure of hosting the South Carolina Franchise Owners Meeting this year! With over 30 SERVPRO Franchise Owners in attendance there was a wealth of knowledge shared. A special thank you to guest speakers Randy Williams of Lenoir, NC and Brian Turpin of Kennett Square, PA for coming out to answer questions and discuss best practices for franchise growth. 

4 Most Common Sources of Leaks

Small and slow water leaks can cause as much, if not more damage than major ones, if gone undetected. Be sure to regularly check these 4 common locations for leaks.

Flooded Department Store in Columbia, SC

This Columbia, SC store discovered a pretty major water leak as they were closing one evening. Our staff was able to tell the manager where to shut the water off in order to prevent any further damage. Our technicians arrived within the hour and were able to get all standing water extracted. Our trucks carry most all equipment we need so they were also able to setup drying equipment prior to leaving. After a  few days of monitoring and our drying equipment running, the store looked "Like it never even happened."

Spooky Smoke

This photo was not taken in Dracula's Vampire Palace and it certainly wasn't close to Halloween when a spooky cobweb is a common sight. 

Fires are not only destructive to the structure they consume but they're also a health hazard. Smoke is the leading cause of fire deaths, exceeding burns by a three-to-one ratio. Direct exposure to smoke is harmful to your respiratory system which gives us grounds to advise homeowners to get out fast and avoid contact with the structure if at all possible.

These cobweb-like shapes appear when plastics burn, the smoke carries a stronger ion charge than when wood, cotton or paper burns. Sometimes, this causes smoke residue to form “smoke webs” where the walls and ceiling come together.

Fallen Tree in Chapin, SC

After a severe thunderstorm, we received a call from a homeowner in Chapin, SC that had a neighbor's tree fall on the corner of their home. In the middle of the night there's not much a homeowner can do in cases like this. Because of limited visibility and loss of power, it seemed the only thing to do is wait. SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork arrived to find the tree resting on the roof of the home. The weight of the trunk caused what appeared to be minor damage. It was not until we got inside the home that we found portions of the ceiling caved in and water spots showing in several rooms from rain water that seeped in through holes caused by the tree. After the tree was removed, the roof had a tarp placed over it and demo began.  

Let SERVPRO Handle It!

It's not uncommon for us to get calls with stories of water damage occurrences where the homeowner or property manager attempted to fix the problem themselves. Now the issue is far worse than they had imagined!

In this apartment, an attempt was made to clean up a water leak from the unit above. The water was successfully removed but proper drying was not performed which resulted in mold growth. A tremendous amount of mold growth, and a very costly fix. This all could have been avoided with a call to SERVPRO when the water damage was found!

House Fire in Prosperity, SC

This home fire began in the living room and spread to the kitchen before it was extinguished by first responders. As you can see, the contents are covered in soot, debris and some are water damaged from the efforts to extinguish the fire. SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork is capable of cleaning and restoring household items that have been damaged by fire and smoke. In an instance like this, we pack all of the salvageable belongings up and bring them into our facility where they will be cleaned and restored. We work with the homeowner as well as the insurance company to decide if items are in fact salvageable. At SERVPRO we like to approach any content damage with a "repair rather than replace" mentality and return as many of the homeowners belongings to them as possible. 

Bad to Worse

What began as a water damage loss due to a leaking ice maker became much more serious. After removal of the flooring it was discovered that water had been leaking for longer than the homeowner was aware of. This lingering moisture caused black mold to consume the sub-flooring in the kitchen area. 

Burst Water Line in Chapin, SC

A cold front moving in caused temperatures to drop below freezing. Unfortunately this home was not prepared for the winter season. A water line burst in the ceiling which allowed water to flood through the ceiling into all of the rooms below. Pictured is the kitchen that required the removal of all of the ceiling as well as flooring below.

Toilet Leak in Chapin, SC

During the night this Chapin, SC home experienced a leaking toilet. The water was not discovered until the morning when it had spread throughout the first story of the home. The homeowner called SERVPRO immediately after contacting their insurance agent.  

This photo was taken in the living room, the floors have an inch of standing water in most areas that had begun to affect the furniture and other contents. The first step taken in any water damage is to extract the water and salvage the contents of the home. If we're unable to move furniture out of the home we place it on blocks to prevent further damage and begin the drying process. 

Mold Won't Wait On You

This Irmo, South Carolina pool house became a mold spore breeding ground in a just a matter of days. The homeowner discovered water leaking from the toilet and promptly shut the supply line off. Although the visible water was removed using towels and mops, there is almost always hidden moisture where the eye cannot see. 

Life can be hectic, we all have schedules to keep up and plenty of things to do. Unfortunately life got in the way at this property, causing the homeowner to close the pool house and worry about it later. Later proved to be costly for this water damaged home. The unseen moisture prompted mold to consume the majority of the drywall.

Luckily the homeowners next call was to SERVPRO. We were able to treat the pool house to remove and prevent future mold growth. 

Pipe Freeze in Irmo, SC

When temperatures drop burst pipes become a common problem. Pipes line walls and ceilings and can cause immense amounts of damage requiring extensive renovations. Be sure your home is winterized!

Continuing Education

SERVPRO regularly hosts meetings, classes and training sessions for a variety of industries. We host a state-of-the-art conference room that allows us to bring in groups for any sort of continued education. Business of all sorts find our space useful to train, certify and gather!

Hurricane Florence Cleanup

Hurricane Florence took a devastating toll on Eastern North Carolina. Sudden changes in the storm's path left many unprepared for the amount of water and wind that would ultimately devastate a concentrated area of the east coast. Our crews loaded up and headed to Hampstead, NC to assist the local SERVPRO Franchises.

Water consumed 75% of the lower level of this home. Thankfully there were no occupants on the premises during the worst parts of the flooding. Flooding not only causes safety hazards - storm water is a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause a number of serious illnesses. 

Mold Growth - Hurricane Florence, NC

During Hurricane Florence our SERVPRO team traveled to North Carolina to assist in storm relief. One home we entered showed signs of improper remediation.

When water comes in contact with drywall, it needs to be removed. At this home, the drywall was left intact even though more than a foot of water was standing in the basement. Just above the water level line you see a tremendous amount of mold growth that required us to remove much more of the wall than what would have been needed if SERVPRO was the first to this disaster.

Because drywall is porous, it absorbs liquids and can begin to show signs of mold growth in as little as 24 hours.

Flooring Damage? We Can Handle It!

Whether you've just discovered your flooring to be water damaged or you've noticed some warped boards for quite some time, SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork is ready to help! 

Repair vs. Replace

When faced with property damage you typically have two choices - to repair or replace. While we cannot guarantee that everything can be restored or repaired 100% of the time, SERVPRO prefers to clean and repair any contents affected in the home. In instances where demolition and reconstruction are required, SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork is willing and able to help. We have the capabilities to see a project through from beginning to end.

Retail Bathroom in Columbia, SC

This is the aftermath of a sewage backup in a Columbia, SC mall bathroom. During the holiday season shopping centers are full of customers and sales are at their peak. A setback like this can cost a business dearly.

Sewage water can contain harmful bacteria and should be treated only by professionals. Do not attempt to clean sewage yourself, that can increase the possibility of a more serious restoration process. Our SERVPRO technicians had the blockage resolved and the bathrooms in working order in a matter of hours. 

Dentist Office Disturbance

With any commercial property loss we face a few more challenges than those of a residential property loss. There are employees, customers, clients, and even patients we must be considerate of!

SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork responded to a water loss, the result of a supply line burst in the kitchen area of a local dentist office. Our techs determined that the flooring would need to be removed in order to get all affected areas dry. Because there are patients scheduled regularly throughout the day we needed to work flexibly and resolve all issues promptly. We provided temporary flooring so that the office could continue business as usual until we were able to completely restore the damaged areas. 

Hurricane Irma Restoration

In August of 2017 Irma struck the southeastern United States as well as several coastal islands off the Atlantic. Because of its magnitude many were forced to evacuate the area and leave their homes behind. Our storm crews set out to Fripp Island, SC to assist those in need.

In this home there were several inches of standing water that caused damage to the lower level of the home. Water had to be extracted to further asses the damage. Our trained technicians determined that at one point water had accumulated over a foot in the living room. Because of the harmful nature of storm water it was necessary to remove and clean all contents of the home, remove and dispose of the flooring, and remove the drywall where water had contact.

Santa Land in Columbia, SC

The North Pole is always busy this time of year - there are toys to be made, reindeer to be fed and lists being checked twice! With a winter wonderland that works around the clock all season long, who has time to make sure all of those snowy footprints are kept outside?! Even the tiniest elf feet can create a super-sized mess, and it takes a special crew to handle such a jolly job. Mr. and Mrs. Claus trust the professionals at SERVPRO to keep the North Pole carpets in tip top shape throughout the year, but SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork has an even more special assignment! Santa flies to Columbiana Centre every day until Christmas to visit and take pictures with boys and girls in The Midlands of South Carolina. Santa selected SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork to make sure that his Winter Wonderland is just as clean as The North Pole. Our professionally trained technicians keep his carpets and comfy chair stain and odor free all season long!

Fire Damaged Bathroom - Post Restoration

We were able to completely restore this St. Andrews bathroom to our customers satisfaction. We pride ourselves on working with our customers to insure that they get what they want when we are restoring their property.

Bathroom Fire in St. Andrews, SC

This fire was caused by a candle and the fire effected the whole house. SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork responded quickly and when we left it was "Like it never even happened."

Our Conference Room in Chapin, SC

Our Mission at SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork, is "To Develop a Team of Quality People Who Focus on Excellent Service, Fairness and Mutual Respect." We have this Mission Statement on our conference room wall. This serves as a constant reminder during our daily morning meetings. 

Hurricane Matthew Restoration

Hurricane Matthew was the first Category 5 Atlantic Hurricane to pass through the United States in 10 years. Matthew caused widespread devastation in the southeastern United States as well as coastal islands. SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork loaded up our hardworking crews and headed to Fripp Island, SC. In one home we mitigated there was over 2 feet of standing water. This required removal of all flooring, the majority of the drywall and contents in the home.

Storm damage of this caliber requires trained professionals to remediate - if proper precautions are not taken, further issues can be expected down the road.  

New Warehouse - Chapin, SC

We are in the process of renovating our new office and warehouse! Our new warehouse is coming together! Check out our Orange and Green speckled floor! Our new warehouse has given us much more space to organize and store our equipment. 

Air Movers - Chapin, SC

SERVPRO of The Dutch Fork is in the process of renovating our new location. We are so excited to have our production staff moved into the new warehouse! We've got our air movers organized and ready for the next water damage emergency.